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What is predatory mortgage lending ?

Predatory mortgage lending, according to the office of inspector general of the FDIC, is “imposing unfair and abusive loan terms on borrowers.” Some common predatory lending practices include: brokers that charge higher interest rates, unnecessarily large fees, prepayment penalty, targeting of minority groups, explosive adjustable interest rates, hidden fees that are not included such as taxes and insurance.

Can I sue my lender/servicer even if my house already was foreclosed on ?

Possibly, if accepted we would seek the return of title to your name and/or monetary damages for wrongful foreclosure. Litigation only available for California clients.

If I have an investment property or multiple properties, does a lawsuit or modification still apply to me ?

Yes, lawsuit or modification could apply to residential properties whether investment or owner occupied.

Who is the legal counsel working on our case ?

There are many skilled attorneys at Olympia Law Group depending on your state. The attorney who started the firm is Matin Rajabov with over 10 years experience.

Can I stop paying the mortgage after becoming a client ?

Client should continue paying mortgage if they are able to unless the bank will not accept payments or a stay of payments is issued by the court.

Will a lawsuit or modification stop foreclosure ?

Lenders will often not foreclose due to the dual tracking laws. This is due to the potential liability. However again we cannot unequivocally state or guarantee that a LAWSUIT OR MODIFICATION will stop a foreclosure sale date.

How long do you foresee a case lasting ?

Estimating duration of litigation or modification is always uncertain. Our firm always looks towards the quickest settlement possible.

If a client has applied for loan modification or has previously received a loan modification, are they still eligible for the lawsuit process ?

You may qualify, however litigation may affect any pending modification application. We still need you to answer a lawsuit qualification questionnaire.